Where It All Starts

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Where It All Starts
Assateague National Seashore
Photo by: Brian O’Doherty
4 years ago, I was told by some friends that, for 25 dollars, I could spend three days on the beach and hang out with wild ponies. The only thing hesitation I had was that I have to CAMP on the beach.

As a girl grew up in California but now lives in Baltimore,  going to the beach as much as possible is definitely a permanent goal of the summer.  Especially for $25, I couldn’t say no.
I do, however, had a $30 dollar sleeping bag ( a giant bulky , out dated sleeping bag)  that I purchased when I was 16 for girls night sleep overs.

And I guess that’s ALL I NEED.
Of course, after making all of my friends promising me that they will ensure I don’t die during the 3 day camping, I happily packed a small rolling suitcase of dresses and swimsuits and went on the trip.

Note : A rolling suit case is definitely a horrible idea. (Wheels do not roll on sand).

Well Alas, the trip was a SUCCESS, despite the fact that I could not set up or taken down a tent correctly.
And here I am, telling you my story, my camping trips, and my travels.
  1. Hilarious and endearing, love it!



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