You’ve Gotta to Start Somewhere – Step One to Get Outside

So you scroll down all these beautiful camping photos on Instagram and you feel the urge to get outside, but you are so used to the clean, modern, offices or rooms with ceiling to floor windows.

Perhaps you go for a run in the woods here and there. Perhaps you enjoy occasional picnic, but you aren’t ready for camping.

How do you get more comfortable to be ready outside ?

Here are some options :

1. Go on more hiking trips .

There are many hiking trails around , some are easy, some are moderate , and some are strenuous.  If you are physically fairly fit , I would go with moderate . These trails are more interesting and usually have better views and perhaps less crowded .

2. Enjoy night camp fire

Some of your friends may host a camp fire event at a local farm . Join them , the whole idea is to get used to being outside and at night most importantly

3. Try an over night cabin event

Camping and spending your night in a cabin is very different . But cabin is definitely a good way to ease into the idea . Get out the house , get out of your comfort zone , slowly getting used to the idea

that there will be bugs , there will be random sound of the nature , and also being outside in the dark

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