Hiking Shoes? or Sneakers?

Ok, So now you have the urge to just go on a walk in the woods, for a couple hours. But wait, you don’t have “Hiking” shoes.

Oh No!
When I went on my first semi-serious, 3 hours long hike, approx 6 years ago, I worn my trail running shoes. I was fine.
The other girl who never really hiked before worn her UGGs, and she was fine.
Since then, I went on many hiking trips, moderate or strenuous hikes, in running shoes, including the Old Rag.
I also knew a girl who hiked AT for a month in her Merrell, and she probably never going to own a pair of hiking shoes.
So Basically, you really don’t need to have hiking shoes to go on a hike.  
And if you are like me, they aren’t the best looking shoes you can buy for the $$.
Then How did I end up buying a  pair of hiking shoes? 🙀
Long story short:  1) I was in a serious shopping mode and decided if I’m going to buy anything randomly, a pair of hiking shoes is not a bad idea. 2) I saw a climber friend had this pair of hiking shoes that aren’t so ugly and I was convinced that if a climber believes in hiking shoes then perhaps I should be open minded, even if they are not pretty.
And if you do decided to buy a pair of hiking shoes,
You will not regret having them :
  • They keep your feet warm in Fall and Winter hikes
  • You will feel more stable than sneakers, especially when you go on a 10 hour hike or rock scrambling
  • They have more traction than trail running shoes. I see it as more of icing on the cake kind traction.
  • Your feet will hurt less if you kicked a rock really hard
  • They may protect your ankle better, although I continue to roll my ankle every time.



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