My Iceland Trip -Quick Read Part 1

This year has been extremely hectic for me, after system deployment dates get pushed again and again at work, I finally said: that’s it, let’s take a week off , and Iceland sounds like a great idea.  We booked our fly tickets, car rental, planned semi-detailed itinerary within 3 weeks. And we were on the road.

Thanks to my partner in crime Logan, who was fully on board with my “not so thought through idea” AKA “Vision” . & my friend Becky , who was willing to share her trip plan with me,  so that

Looking back, we actually did nonetheless put a lot of thoughts behind what we decided to bring, so hopefully this blog will answer some of your questions and help you plan your next adventure.


Why Iceland?

  • Iceland is only 6 hour flight away from key cities on the East Coast. Fights are fairly cheap, I think we paid $500 for two people
  • Easy to find destinations if you stick with the ring road/Hwy 1
  • The possibility of seeing North Lights ,  hiking on glacier , watching all the waterfalls

Why End of September?

  • I didn’t really have a choice when to go to Iceland, due to my work schedule. Even though  September is the rainy season, I still think its worth to take the risk after all.
  • I saw Northern lights – 3 consecutive nights. I didn’t really face a lot of rain after all. You get to do a majority of the summer activities plus some winter activities.  ( I believe glacier hiking opens in Sep. ) I didn’t have to drive in Snow to see DettiFoss or Krafla Volcano. If you visit Iceland later on, Krafla could be covered with snow and DettiFoss would be a lot harder to get too. You may also have to wear snow shoes for some hiking trails.


All About Iceland- Budgeted Trip Tip . Part 1.

 Transportation :


There are many other Iceland Camper rental online, that you can choose.We decided to rent a VW Caddy life with a built in bed, stove, sink and a mini fridge at the end.
Turns out , it was the best decision ever.
  • Why not rent a car and sleep in tent?
  • We realized that Iceland is very windy and can be very rainy around the end September, and the temperature drops at night significantly.  If you ever tried to set up a tent during extremely windy condition, you know how miserable that can be. In addition, rent a camper means that we will save time from setting up a tent and take down a tent every day. We will not have to worry about getting to a destination before sunset . We will not need to buy a 0 degree sleeping bag.
  • Why not Airbnb or Hostels?
  • For us , Flexibility is priceless. We didn’t want to be constrained with AirBnb or Hostels check in and check out time. If we decided to stay in an area an extra day, we wouldn’t have to worry about if we have a room reserved or if we have to change our next hotels’ check in time, etc.
  • Sounds Awesome, but Where do you Park?
  • Anywhere mostly.  As long as it’s not on a personal property or a parking lot indicates “no campers or overnight parking” you are fine.   On Hwy1/Ring road, there are many signs like below .   Once, we parked in front of a church building near Vik. We also parked near the Krafla lot (even tho it says no overnight camper )

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