My Iceland Trip Packing List -Quick Read Part 2

Part 2 is all about Packing Tips!
Because everything, including food is pretty expensive there. For example, a veggie burger costs between $20-$25 dollars, a light beer like Bud Lite costs $8 dollars in a restaurant. So you wanna make sure you pack all the necessities!  ✌
 All About Iceland- Budgeted Trip Tip . Part 2.
What food did you pack ? What food can you buy in Iceland?
You can pretty much buy anything in the grocery store and they aren’t super expensive. However, to minimize food costs and making sure we have at least some snacks with us, we also packed:
  1. 10-15 bags of  Freeze Dried Food . (My Choice: Mountain House)
  2. 3 bags of Beef Jerky
  3. 10 Meal Bars. ( My Choice: Pro Bars)
  4. Numerous Candy. (Optional)
We definitely stopped by the grocery store multiple times to stock up bottles of water , bread, cheese, fruits, avocado!
Super Easy to Cook :


  1. Grilled Cheese ; Crunchy!
  2. Tomato Soup ; Hot!


All About Iceland- Budgeted Trip Tip . Part 2.

What Clothes did you Bring and did you wear all of them?

I definitely brought more swimsuits than I actually needed. But I did wear all of my other clothes.

I was very skeptical to buy rain pants prior to my trip. Turns out, the heavy duty rain pants saved my ass, because when we got to Krafla Volcano ,  the wind was about 30 Mph! and it snowed !  without my rain jacket and rain pants, I don’t think I could do the hike around the craters near the volcano.

These craters were amazing and I would be very sad if I missed the hike!  My choices are based on my needs. there are tons similar gears out there across brands.

  1. Rain Jacket (My choice: Beta AR)
  2. Lightweight Puffy  (My choice: Cerium Hoody)
  3. Thin and light weight hoodie (My choice: R1)
  4. Rain/Snow Pants  (My choice: Beta AR)
  5. Inner Layer Gloves  (My choice: E-tip)
  6. Outer Layer Gloves (My choice: Mitten version of this)
  7. Base Layer (My Choice: Rei)
  8. Crampons  (Optional if you are glacier hike by yourself )
  9. Hiking Socks
  10. Lots thermal leggings
  11. Jeans/Pants
  12. towel
  13. Flip Flops for hot springs
  14. Beanie
Was the Glacier Hike scary? Did you go with tours ? What’s it like? 
There are many glacier hiking tours that you can book while you are in Iceland or in advance online. The price was a little high for both of us, so we decided to bring crampons with us on the trip and then decide if we should join a tour.

Turns out there are so many tours we could just follow them for a period of time. we didn’t have ice-axe which probably was not a smart choice, but we used our regular hiking poles.

We also hiked further than many tours did. So the majority of the time, we were the only two people on the massive land of glacier.

It was cold, it was bright, it was quiet, and it was scary and overwhelming. I had a lot of emotions and feelings during the hike. 

I would def. recommend to go with a tour, if you never hiked on glacier before.

Get at duty free store before you get on the plane!

Hope you like Part 2 .
Feel free to ask any questions if I did not cover in my tips

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