10 Reasons to Rent a Camper Van for Your Iceland Trip

Logan and I knew we need a car for our 8 day Iceland Trip, since our goal is to go around the entire Ring Road at our own pace.  Nevertheless , we did debate whether to go with a camper van or a car.  (You don’t need a 4 X4 unless you plan to go into the highlands, where the terrain is much tougher)

We thought through the pros and cons of having a van vs. a car.  Until this day, I still believe that going with a van was the essential ingredient to our successful tripespecially if you are like us, flexibility is crucial.

All About Iceland- Budgeted Trip Tip . Part 1.
1.  Go Anywhere at Your Own Pace


 All journeys start with a sense of uncertainty, no matter how much you plan ahead of the time. The thrill of the unknown is what makes travel exciting.
You may meet locals who tell you a secret spot that you didn’t plan for. You may enjoyed a hike or a view so much that you want to stay just another day.Going with a Camper Van will allow you to adjust your schedule. You can drive as long as you want, go anywhere you’d like, without the need of “have to” get to a hotel on a specific date/time.

I can’t tell you how many times, Logan and I just drove and stop along the roads randomly, enjoyed the view as long as we wanted, and kept going until we were tired.  Having a Camper really takes the stress out of making to somewhere pre-arranged.

2. Keep the Trip in the Budget

A camper usually comes with a bed, most likely a stove, and a cooler/fridge. Well if you are lucky, the camper may even have a sink.  You get to cook your own meals or make coffee and tea at any time of the day! Our choice was the WV Caddy Van.

Eating out in Iceland can be very expensive; a veggie burger will cost between $20-$25. If you are trying to keep your trip at a low cost, cook your meals are a must.

Logan and I made our lunch often in the parking lots of grocery stores or look outs with the best views!

Lastly, you don’t need to pay for staying at hotels or Airbnbs, since you are going to roll into your bed whenever you’d like! (Renting a Camper is not that much more expensive than a Car)

3.  No Need to Pack and Go


Because you have all of your belongings in the camper, you really don’t have to take time to pack and unpack every time you get to a new destination; whether it’s camping gears or luggage. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about if you left anything in the hotels.

4.  Wind can’t Tip Over Your Camper Van

We all heard stories about extreme Iceland wind rips the car door off the car . Even if you are confident that you can set up & take down your tent in not ideal weather condition, the act of doing that is no fun.

Van camping is just a much safer and cozier choice.


5. Nothing Beats the Experience of Sleeping and Waking up near the Glacier and the Mountains

Having a Camper means you can sleep pretty much anywhere you’d like. As long as it’s not on a personal property or a parking lot indicates “no campers or overnight parking” .

This  means that you have the opportunity to wake up to the awesomeness of the Glacier  or the Diamond Beach. Trust me, it’s an experience that you can’t even use words to describe. Just know that you will be sleeping next to the these amazing glacier pieces in the Bay.

Watching these glacier pieces moving into the ocean, as you fall asleep.

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