A Short Walk to the Iconic King & Queen Seat – Recommend for Beginner Hikers

A couple weeks ago, Trevor, Logan and I decided to visit the iconic King and Queen Seat at the Rock State Park, Maryland. Even though I live only an hour away from the park , I have never gotten a chance to visit until this year.  Isn’t it funny how we always choose to travel further away  but often miss the ones near us?




The hike or rather a walk to the Iconic view is very flat and easy, much easier than I first thought.  The path is also very dog friendly ; we even brought Deli and Tash closer to the edge of the cliff without any problems.







Best Time to Go:

King & Queen Seat is a well known spot in Rock State Park, I’d recommend to visit either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds.


There’re two parking places. One is near the road, where requires a steep hike to the cliff.  We decided to drive in further up the hill, where the walk is very flat and short  – approx. 10 mins.

Where Else to Go:

There are additional trails in the Rock State Park that lead to waterfalls. The hikes in the area are fairly easy.







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